WLREA – #1 Buyer Representations In San Mateo County 2018!

#1 Buyer Representations

In San Mateo County

For 2018!


We are grateful to announce that as a team, in 2018 (per broker metrics below) we were #1 in buyer representations (42) for all of San Mateo County! This is a huge feat for us as we continue to focus on helping our buyers and their families get one step closer to their Real Estate needs. As we put their goals at the forefront and assist them in achieving what matters most, we are able to heighten our skills and strategies to continuously provide the best service at all times!


As we helped 126 Families build Wealth Through Real Estate in 2018, our goal for 2019 is 200. We are eager to sit with you and help you achieve your goals as well. Please reach out to us directly with any and all questions you might have and sit with our top agents to review your goals in more detail! We look forward to hearing and working with you soon!





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